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Cleaning and sanitization is paramount for brewing. As seasoned brewers know, brewing beer is 80-90% cleaning. Equipment must be cleaned before and after use, and all times during the brewing process, on the fly cleaning is performed. Keeping equipment clean and sanitized during all steps of steps is absolutely critical, and must be taken seriously. This does not mean a brewer has to put on a bunny suit, oxygen tank, and have a hospital grade clean room, but paying close attention to scum, build up, and residue, and keeping it removed will help ensure your beer turns out as planned.

Several cleaners and sanitzers designed for home and commercial brewing as easily available. Straight A, Oxyclean, PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash), B-Brite, One Step, Star San, Iodophor, and others are available. Which is best for you is a matter of experimenting. Some brewers only use PBW, others prefer Oxyclean, so you might need to try several to find out which works how you want.

Below are a few videos related to cleaning and sanitizing. Please note that sterilizing is not necessary, even commercial breweries do not usually sterilize equipment. You can do it, but there is no need.

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Straight A cleaner
Run time: 2:00
Size: 1894K

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Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW)
Run time: 3:57
Size: 6911K

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Star San sanitizer
Run time: 2:12
Size: 2068K