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Q: Why do you use multiple yeast strains when making a single batch?

A: I had not planned on this. When I first brewed a 10 gallon batch, I didn't think ahead until I had to pitch the yeast, and the starter I made was only enough for a 5 gallon batch. Since I didn't have time to make another starter, I pulled another yeast strain smack pack out of the refrigerator and used that, not even thinking about the different flavors. Wow was I surprised! Same grain and hops, two yeast strains, and very different flavors! Now I always use multiple strains. Sometimes I even brew 10 gallons, split it 3 ways, and use 3 strains!

Q: Can I sell beer?

A: Not without a license. State, Federal, and ATF laws exist and prohibit it.

Q: What is the minimum age to make beer?

A: In the United States, there is no minimum age requirement. Jimmy Carter signed a bill into law on October 14, 1978, LEGALIZING homebrewing. The law took effect in 1979. Even at this, individual states are allowed to make it legal or not.

Q: What amount of space is necessary to homebrew?

A: A small studio or one bedroom apartment is enough. If you had a stove and a place to put a little equipment, a hotel room would work. Seriously.

Q: How does Mr. Beer/Beer Machine/other compare to homebrew store equipment?

A: Frankly, it doesn't. Mr. Beer is not sold by any homebrew shop I have been to, and quite a number of homebrewers I have spoken to were not positive about it. For a little more money, you could buy a much better kit at a homebrew supply store.

Q: I have tried to copy (insert commercial beer) with no success. What could I be doing wrong?

A: The majority of commercial breweries use a proprietary yeast that is not easily available. They also often use water treatments to harden or soften it. Yeast is a major flavoring component, and even having the same water, grains, and hops, but not the proper yeast, will make it very hard to duplicate the recipe.

Q: Have you considered going with a keg for brewing and bigger pots?

A: A larger scale system with a pump, ball valves, and water heater system is in the planning stages.

Q: Will you ever show bottling?

A: Possibly. I quit bottling in late 2005 and threw away all of the bottles I had. I exclusively keg now, and when I share beer, I only use growlers. That doesn't mean I won't ever use a bottle again, but I have no current plans.

Q: Do you use dry yeast?

A: Not in a very long time. It is cheaper, but liquid has many more flavors available. However, I will likely shoot a video to show how to use it. I have no problem with dry yeast, I just prefer liquid.