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Kegging is one of the best things you can buy for homebrewing equipment. It is definitely not cheap, easily costing a few hundred dollars for new equipment, but well worth it. One you start kegging instead of bottling, you won't go back, except to make an occasional bottle for friends. To start kegging, you need a minimum of a CO2 bottle (5 pounds is common), a Cornelius keg (formly for soda pop), a gas in line, and beer tap. All of these items should be available at the homebrew store. The prices have gone up since I started kegging, but for a new CO2 bottle, used keg, and both lines, you could very well spend over $200. Major advantages include less cleaning and faster carbonation. The videos explain equipment, racking to a keg, and carbonating your beer.

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Basic equipment you will need to begin kegging your beer
Run time: 7:15
Size: 9168K

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Racking from the fermenter to a keg
Run time: 2:08
Size: 2179K

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Force carbonating
Run time: 2:35
Size: 2625K