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Videos here don't have a specific category, so this is a repository for these videos until something better comes along. Here the mash tun is explained in further detail, checking gravity, brewing equipment, and other topics are discussed in more detail.

The videos below were created because none existed that were easy to find. Pictures of the process are just about everything, but good, clear videos are not. Please take some time and review the videos and take full advantage of the additional learning. Brewing does not have to be overly complicated, but when something goes wrong, it is good to know the entire process inside and out so you will know where to look.

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The mash tun: where grist (cracked grain) and hot water mix
Run time: 2:54
Size: 2700K

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How to build your own mash tun
Run time: 9:39
Size: 8382K

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How to determine original (starting) gravity
Run time: 5:01
Size: 4613K

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How to determine final (terminal) gravity
Run time: 2:58
Size: 3304K

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Keeping sunlight away from carboys to prevent skunking
Run time: 2:27
Size: 2314K

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Basic equipment you will need to begin brewing
Run time: 7:36
Size: 7229K

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Low tech, efficient way to heat fermenters
Run time: 5:31
Size: 9527K

Note: links open in a new window

ProMash, Windows, Cost $19.95, www.promash.com
BeerTools, Windows, Mac OS, Cost $29.95, www.beertools.com
QBrew, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Cost FREE, www.usermode.org/code.html
StrangeBrew, Windows, Mac OS, Linux with emulator, Cost $15, www.strangebrew.ca
BeerSmith, Windows, Cost $21.95, www.beersmith.com
BeerAlchemy, Mac OS, Cost $29.95, http://www.kentplacesoftware.com/products/BeerAlchemy.html
SUDS, Windows, Cost $20, http://www.oldlib.com/suds/