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Books are an excellent way to learn a new skill. It is impossible for one book to cover the entire topic of brewing beer. Below are some of the more popular books on the subject, and are considered an authority on the particular topic.

by Charlie Papazian, 3rd ed, 2003

Often considered the bible of homebrewing. Charlie began as a homebrewer around 1970, before quality ingredients were widely available. In his book, expertly written, he explains everything from the history of beer down to growing hops and malting your own grain. Too advanced? He gives sections for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. If you read this book cover to cover and knew it, you would be an expert. Well detailed, plenty of information, recipes, pictures, and discussions about every aspect of beer. This book is a MUST have.

by John Palmer, 2nd ed, 2005

Palmer's book has a very easy going writing style, a little more relaxed than Papazian, and equally excellent in detail. Both Papazian and Palmer are expert brewers and their books include a wealth of information. This book does include more diagrams and explains brewing in a little more user friendly method, whereas Papazian is a little more technical. These books are both great, it just depends on which writing style you prefer. Like the other book, How To Brew gives excellent, in depth information on just about every aspect of homebrewing, and in some instances where brewing is complex, Palmer will give examples and turn the process into a story so it makes more sense.

by Ray Daniels, 2000

I feel this book is more geared towards large scale brewing, but homebrewers can equally utilize the excellent information that Ray has set forth. Everything from calculating the grain bill by points for any size batch, to hop utilization, water treatment, beer styles and what grain to use, and lots of technical information on what is happening during brewing. For those serious about brewing beer, home or commercial, own this book!

by Joe & Dennis Fisher, 1998

An excellent book detailing how to grow and kiln your own malted barley, grow hops, herbs, including an entire chapter dedicated to herbal brewing with complete profiles on each herb. Excellent reading for the serious homebrewer considering malting or growing hops and herbs. With this information you can brew herbal and medicinal beer.

by Jeff Sparrow, 2005

A book dedicated to wild and open fermentation, micro organisms, sourness, lambics, geuze style beer, and all about how to make them. A very popular Belgian beer style!

by Stan Hieronymus, 2005

Geared towards serious homebrewers who want to make Trappist, Abbey, and String Belgian beers, just like the monks used to. This book covers many monk breweries, grains, water treatment, Belgian yeast strains, and details on how to duplicate those unique monk beers.

by Stephen Buhner, 1998

Specifically about trees, plants, herbs, honey, spices, and making beers that promote healing and self preservation. Also includes a good, in depth history of herbal brewing.

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