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- 2 oz root beer extract (usually imitation)
- 5 pounds cane sugar (corn sugar doesn't taste very good in this)
- 5 gallons warm water (to dissolve sugar)

Yeast: One packet active dry yeast, such as Fleischmann, Red Star, or champagne (often found on the baking aisle)

Notes: Each bottle of extract should include how much sugar and water is needed. This particular batch called for 5 pounds of sugar and 5 gallons of water. Pay attention to what the individual recipes call for. Each can be different. The yeast is needed if you are not kegging. The yeast eats the sugar and creates natural carbonation. There is a little alcohol created, but almost none. Cough syrup contains more alcohol. If you bottle, you can use anything, an empty 2 liter, small pop bottles, or whatever you have. DO NOT USE GLASS! You need to be able to squeeze the bottles and test for carbonation by firmness. You can not do that with glass. Bottles should sit at room temperature for at least one week, preferably longer. Do not refrigerate during the carbonation as this temperature is too cold for the yeast to work in.

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Run time: 5:05
Size: 5707K
Notes: Have extract, sugar, and clean bottles ready to go.

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Adding the extract, sugar, and water
Run time: 3:42
Size: 4285K
Notes: Dissolve sugar into warm water, add all extract.

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Additional notes
Run time: 4:24
Size: 4997K

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Racking root beer to keg
Run time: 1:12
Size: 1546K

Notes: If you are using bottles and yeast to carbonate, dissolve yeast into 1 cup of 105F water, mix, let sit for 15 minutes, add to pot with root beer. Pour into bottles (2 liter, 20 oz, anything), cap, place at room temperature for ~2 weeks, or until bottles are stiff to touch.