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July 1, 2015

A significant amount has changed my in life. I am nearly done building a 20 gallon brewery. It is much better than what I have been using, and also cost much more. No videos have been filmed in several years. I would like to again at some point, but filming, editing, converting to flash, and putting together a web page takes a long time. I work a full time job, am writing a brewing book, and have other projects going on. In addition, I have not had any brewing partners in many years, and given how many people told me they wanted to brew but really only wanted free beer, I don't foresee getting another partner anytime soon. The brewery I am building for myself currently consists of: 2 x 30 gallon (to do 20 gallon batches) aluminum kettles, 2 x Banjo classic 210,000 BTU burners, 30 gallon Coleman Xtreme mash tun, Dudadiesel 36A 30 plate wort chiller, Chugger pump, all stainless steel, using camlocks and silicone hose. I have not brewed with it yet because I am research parts and piecing it together. The only cheap parts were the camlocks. As for the web site, I created it back in 2007, figuring it might take off, but it never really did. When this web site was made, there were practically no other brewing videos online. Mine are dated 2007 and 2008. If you look on youtube, most are much newer. There are only so many ways to show the same process over and over. It was hard to make it entertaining. Since I have owned this plate for 8 years now, I will continue with it, and when I have time, rebuild it. I am just very busy with work, my brewing book, then I want to write a business plan, and pursue a new career. This web site has never made a profit. I wish I would have picked a better name, but in 2007, the only purpose was to make brewing videos free for everybody.


October 25, 2014

I am brewing all grain again, either low alcohol or regular beers that I cut with water to make low alcohol. At this time I can't film any videos because it is only myself brewing, but I alredy have a large collection of videos, and I don't have any more detail to add. Perhaps in the future I will film videos again. By next year I would like to rebuild this web site. I have not overhauled it in many years.

August 7, 2014


I have spent the past 10 months working on a brewing book filled with tips and techniques for new and advanced brewers. The draft is done and I have asked a few people to review it for accuracy, spelling, any anything that needs to be clarified. I plan to self publish as an ebook once it is done. Also in the works is to rebuild this web site. The last time I did it was around 2008, so 6 years ago. This site is extremely outdated in layout, the forums are gone, and has not regularly updated it since 2009. Currently I don't know when I will rebuild it, but it needs to be done.

July 12, 2014


Updates are much slower than they used to be. I no longer actively brew beer since I moved and switched jobs a few years ago. I have not brewed with anybody in about 5 years and have no plans to again. I found that most people I met who wanted to brew beer really just wanted to drink it and had no desire to learn the process. My equipment is in storage for the last few years and I only have a small set up consisting of a propane burner and some 3 gallon pots, no mash tun, kegs, or anything else, so I am unable to brew all grain, only extract. That said, I continue making low alcohol beers. Nothing has been filmed in several years. I might film another brew session in the future. At the moment I have too many projects going on which prevent me from brewing more often. Finally, the forums are going to be completely removed. They were spammed a few years ago, so I disabled it, but there are already several well established places out there with thiriving users, so I don't see the need for another.

April 27, 2012


Over 2 years have passed since I last updated this site. I actually quit brewing just before the last update was done. I still have all my equipment in storage just in case I change my mind, but I also stopped drinking around the same time I quit updating the site. In the fall of 2011, I brewed a couple of batches of non-alcoholic beer using extract, but I didn't film any of them. While the domain name has expired a few times and I keep renewing it, I have no idea how long I will keep this place alive. All of my past brew friends are gone now, I have moved to another state and taken another job, and my priorities are completely different. I leave the site and videos here because I would like other brewers to see the process. When I created the site back in 2007, there were no other full video tutorials I could find that explained and showed the full extract and all grain process. As far as I know, this web site was the first of its kind. I decided to leave it up for future brewers to see what is involved in making beer and all the tools required. My days of brewing were very heavy from 2005-2009. I brewed over 350 gallons of all kinds of beer, drank very heavily, and had fun creating recipes. I seriously doubt any of those past brew friends are still in the hobby. What I found is most people get into something new, stick with it either a few months or a few years, then move on to something else. This is what happened to me. At any rate, I will continue to leave this place like it is until I decide that there is not enough interest to keep it here. I know other people have copied me, but I was the first to have a brewing video site on the internet in 2007. I wish all new brewers the very best and you can always send me questions if you have any. Even though it has been over 2 years since I brewed a full batch of all grain beer, I still remember the process.

March 23, 2010


It's been more than a year since I have done any work on this site. I didn't brew a single batch from February 2009 until mid December. From December until February 2010 I brewed somewhere around 70 gallons. Unfortunately, a few people have been very negative about my videos and put some negative comments on them on youtube. The thing is, before I filmed my videos started in 2007, I had never seen anybody else make amateur videos on how to brew all grain. I thought people would be grateful, but most weren't. My brewing on on hold for now. This place doesn't make me any profit, never has, I don't get the activity I would like, and my brewing has slowed down to almost nothing. Most of my effort is going towards school. Brewing has been fun, and I don't know that I will ever give it up entirely, but I am concentrating on school, finding a better job, and looking for new hobbies outside brewing. Maybe in the future I will pick this place up again. I don't plan to take it down at this point.


March 14, 2009


The new message forum is now online. On all pages there is a link on the bottom left to access it. I am starting it off small and will expand it as necessary. Please join! It's completely free.

February 27, 2009


My digital camera finally became a problem. I bought it 5 years ago, and while it still works, it is eating rechargeable batteries alive. I had about 10, and either the batteries are wearing out, or the camera is having problems recognizing them. This week I finally invested in a video camera which has a much better picture, so all future videos will by done using a regular video camera, not a digital camera. That said, I am really want to get some professional brewing systems in action shown here. I know one brewmaster very well and have already brewed with him a few times, so I plan to film a brew session and show homebrewers how this is done on a commercial level and how those systems work. Right now my work schedule is what prohibits me the most from meeting up with him. Other than that, I am considering putting new forums online (I had a forum over a year ago), and I still need to get my stout recipe up. That is the last video I filmed with my digital camera in movie mode, from here on out, everything will be done with a regular video camera.

January 16, 2009


Some new things are coming. I have a winter stout recipe to show, and some other informative videos that will be online soon. Also, I am going to show a commercial 10 bbl system and the basic functionality in a future video, so visitors will at least have an understanding of how it works. My goal is to have all of this done by February.

December 1, 2008


Several videos have been added including more detail on using hops, cheap fermenter heating, and a new complex stout recipe.


November 10, 2008


Site redesigned, new videos added, some selective ad placement, and other changes on the way.


September 11, 2008


The place has been largely neglected for months, much of that because I did not have an internet connection at home. I have several videos to put online, and a fair amount of clean up to do around here. The audio problem with the flash videos turned out to be Firefox only with Flash 9. If you are using that combination and some videos lock up or have no audio, install Flash 8 or 10 and the problem should be fixed. I found out this is a known bug with Firefox and Flash 9. No videos were shot in the past few months because there was so much redundancy. We will resume filming in the near future.


May 9, 2008


Where to start? The audio in many of the videos is not working. I need to upgrade the player and see if that fixes the problem. Maybe get another player? I have LOTS of videos that need to go online. The newest video is the cherry stout, and that was done several months ago, followed by the Abbey Bourbon, and another hefeweizen. I am going to try and get all of these videos online this month.


April 18, 2008


The Belgian Abbey Bourbon ale is almost done fermenting and the videos will be online soon. Same for the spiced up hefeweizen Misty wanted to brew. Both videos are completed and will be posted in the very near future. I also planted a number of hop rhizomes and filmed that, so I will include those. Some parts of the web site are going to be changed. As for the message board, which gets no activity, I will leave it online for most of the year, but if it continues to get no activity, then I will remove it.


March 27, 2008


Quite a few things need to be updated. I see a few pages that need things fixed too. The cherry milk stout videos are done and need to go online, and a pale ale was brewed, including mashing it twice and making another batch. Everything is filmed, just needs to be converted and put online. I plan to get that done this week. I am also thinking about changing the main page, since only the color has been changed since I first put up this web site. Time to make it more exciting.


February 5, 2008


The desperation and cherry stout beers have been brewed. I have the video for the desperation finished, I just need to get it online. Once I add the cherries and milk sugar to the stout, I will add that as well. Lots more videos are planning in the coming months. There are also plans to make another extract beer for those new to brewing and don't feel comfortoable starting out with all grain.



January 9, 2008


Santa's Little Helper is finally online under the all grain section. I have the Desperation Stout and some root beer videos to get online as well.


December 30, 2007


The new message board is online. You can get there from here: <removed>, or using the link at the bottom of any page. I still have more videos to put online, including a root beer, Santa's Little Helper, and soon I will be adding basic instructions on brewing alcohol using regular ingredients from the grocery store. Much more is on the way!


December 21, 2007


It's been a long time since I did this many updates. I notice the extract videos are getting a little more attention now. We are planning on making more. The extract costs more than all grain, and I like having full control over my beer, which is a big part of the reason we have not made any more. During our last brew session, I asked my buddies if they are willing to make another extract beer. They both agreed. I plan to make another batch before spring. We do need more videos of extract for those intimidated by all grain.


December 20, 2007


This weekend I plan to put the holiday beer online. I also need to finish getting the rest of the pages over to the new format. I actually thought I did this already, until I started looking around this place a few days ago. Lastly, I would like to get a new, bigger message board going. WWWboard is alright, but I decided it will not suit my needs. I already have another that I will be using instead.


December 19, 2007


The raspberry ale is finished and all the videos are online now. Next is the Christmas beer. I need to get the message board going, but decided I am not going to use the forum I installed. It is too basic. Maybe over the holiday I will get this done.


December 10, 2007


This weekend we brewed Santa's Little Helper, our holiday beer. The video is pretty short compared to the others, since most of the information has been covered numerous times. Sharon and Bryce were great fun to brew with! This particular beer is full body, with a wide range of flavors for the reason. We are now talking about brewing a Valentine's Day beer, which as Sharon asked for, should be VERY high in alcohol! I see no reason why not. There are plenty of videos to convert, and a few pages left to switch over to the new format.



November 19, 2007


I wasn't able to get all of the pages switched over to the new layout. Most are done, but a few remain. The Belgian Blonde is done and online for viewing now. We brewed the raspberry beer yesterday and I need to get the files converted to put online. The raspberries get added to the secondary fermenter. Also, I set up a basic message board which is getting absolutely no activity right now. I might switch it to something else. Aside from this, it is Thanksgiving week and am working some heavy hours since I don't get holiday pay. The next beer is a Christmas batch called Santa's Little Helper, after that we will probably make the cherry stout.


November 9, 2007


The new layout is underway. A few pages already showcase it. The new look is still pretty simple, as I did not want it to be overly fancy, but I changed some colors and spread things out a little. I thought a few times about adding more flashy graphics, but this place is to show the videos, not pretty graphics. Also, I have had a few requests about getting copies of the videos. I do have originals to most videos that are full screen without the watermark. Maybe after I get this place finished and all the new videos online, I will put everything on a DVD and make it available for sale. Lastly, I am working on setting up a message board. With all of these videos, I think it would be nice to discuss them. I will need to put some rules down first though. One competitor I used to visit, not only was he VERY careless about monitoring and dealing with problems, but his message board had dozens of people with serious attitudes, flaming, and other things going on, which he did nothing about. I will not tolerate that. With these things in mind, I plan to have the changes done this month.


November 5, 2007


A simple but more efficient layout is in the works. I have several new videos to add, and a message board is going to be added when the new layout is unveiled. I expect this to happen this month.


October 30, 2007


Unfortunately, I have been neglecting this place for nearly 2 months. In that time, quite a few things have changed in my life. I took off August and September and did not brew, but I have brewed twice in October, and I plan to brew at least once in November. We did a lemon extract which is ready to go online, a honey pale, and Belgian blonde, next in line is a raspberry beer, then a cherry stout. Other things have changed as well. I recently became engaged, moved into a much bigger home, and am still settling in. This web site is going to be revamped with a new look just as soon as possible. I notice the activity here has died down considerably. Knowing this, I might put up a discussion forum. Sure there are a lot out there, but I would like a place to field questions about brewing. This is a serious consideration for me. Lastly, my brew buddy Rick and myself decided to go separate ways. Some differences we had finally became a big deal, and we are no longer brewing. My new brew buddies, James and Bryce, appear at times in the videos. I wish Rick the very best in his future as a homebrewer.


September 4, 2007


As some have probably realized, I don't update this place as much as I used to. Working plenty of overtime, I just bought a home, and I have a ton of things to move. The extract video still needs to go up, I will be brewing another batch in the next week or so, and I need to revamp this place so make room for some new additions. Changes are coming.


August 22, 2007


Another brew day is planned in the next week or two, but I still need to get the extract videos online. Working massive overtime lately has put a damper on things. The front page needs to be redesigned a little so I can add the extract topic without having too much clutter. With any luck, I will have it done within a week, and another video will soon follow.


August 2, 2007


I had planned on having the extract beer videos on the web site last week, but plans fell through. I had a bunch of overtime at work, the Oregon Brew Fest last weekend, and life in general. My plan is to slightly re-design the main page. As of now, the videos are done but I have not created the pages or thumbnails. I would like to get everything done this weekend.


July 22, 2007


The extract lemon ale was brewed today. This is the first extract I have used since fall of 2005 when I switched to all grain, but we did our best. We don't have as many videos since there is much less work involved. I expect to have the videos online in a few days.


July 9, 2007


After talking to Rick this past week over about our next brew day, we had to choose between an American Pale Ale or the lemon ale. He wants to make the lemon ale this time. We decided to use extract for a change. I quit brewing using extract in the Fall of 2005 when I converted to all grain, but we have been in talks about brewing with extract since it is much easier to learn brewing this way. The plan is to make a 5 gallon batch with extract and put it online. Right now we are looking at brewing the lemon ale in the next few weeks.


July 4, 2007


I put the hefeweizen videos on tonight, updated several pages that had small problems, and added some brewing equipment information to the other videos section.


July 1, 2007


The hefeweizen is brewed and I plan to put the video online by the holiday. This is one of our most extensive and detailed videos.


June 25, 2007


I added a simple video for filling yeast jars along with some techniques and storing. This is pretty much a no brainer, but I figured I would add it just in case someone can't figure it out.


June 20, 2007


Added a brief, but informative video about how UV rays will skunk beer.


June 19, 2007


I still plan to get the pictures of the hop trellis online. They have been sitting on my hard disk waiting to get cropped and made into a web page for weeks. But... this weekend Rick and myself are brewing the hefeweizen and going to string together the wooden trellis for our hops to grow on. I figure, I might as well just wait until I have it all done. We have also had talks more recently about brewing an extract beer for beginners. All grain can be done as a first step, but extract is easier. My deal is, I don't want to pay for extract when grain is cheaper. Rick volunteered to buy the extract, so we might be brewing and filming this before the summer is over. I plan to make an extract with specialty grains and show all the details, that way any would be brewers will know both methods. Still in the planning stages.


June 17, 2007


I shot a LONG video of all the mash tun parts, explained them in detail, showed close ups, and assembled everything so all of you will see exactly how its constructed. It is a very simple device. The video is on the Mash Tun page.


June 11, 2007


A few new videos have been added. To kegging, a added a rather long video detailing parts of the CO2 tank, leaks, longetivity, and general usage. Making a starter has a new video at the bottom that is very long, and shows dividing the yeast, temperatures, storage, and other information I thought others might find useful. We are planning on making an American style hefeweizen in the next few weeks.


June 6, 2007


As mentioned on the front page, I would like to get user submissions for a nice, clean logo for this place. Not looking for out of this world, but a good logo with the name and brewing graphics, whether hops, grain, mugs, or something else. The deal is that I am running this place out of my pocket, so I can only offer so much. I would prefer if someone thanked me for providing this place by offering a free service, but I can only ask. So if anybody wants to help me out, contact me on the feedback page and let me know your terms.


June 5, 2007


The red ale has been brewed and is online now. We made some new shots that have never been done before to give you a better look at the process. Coming soon are a lemon ale, honey pale, and hefeweizen. Later we will make an extract beer for those who are not ready to try all grain yet. Also, we have planted our hops and took pictures of the entire process. Those will be online in the very near future.


May 25, 2007


Free Brewing Videos goes live.